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Speciality Yarn Dyers (SYD) was established in March 2005 as a business partnership between Tom Gate and Philip Stucken and the main focus was on natural fibre dyeing. Over time the needs of the Stucken Group increased and a service of hank and cone dying for MSSA began. In 2010, after the Stucken Group acquired Hinterveld, the dye house started producing custom dyed yarns to meet their Private Label needs. Today, having the dye house facility in close proximity to the Group's spinning and weaving operations offers many advantages in flexibility, customization, and general turnaround. The dye house offers a unique service to the Group's value add operations.


  • Focuses on natural fibre dyeing with the emphasis on Wool, Mohair and Cotton.
  • Hank and cone dyeing.
  • Top dyeing of natural fibres was introduced in 2015.

Speciality Yarn Dyers is a member of the Stucken Group who have been committed to the premium Wool and Mohair segment in South Africa since 1951. The Stucken Group is an over 150 year old family owned and managed business, with its roots in Bremen, Germany. The 4th generation moved to South Africa in 1950 as Wool traders and the Group has grown to become vertically integrated natural fibre specialists at source in South Africa.

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Address 1 Hendrik van Eck Drive, Riverside Industria,
Uitenhage, 6229, South Africa

GPS Coordinates
P O Box 23, Uitenhage,
6230, South Africa

33°45'39.9"S 25°22'23.6"E
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Dye House Manager: William Conradie 
Tel +27 (0) 41 992 5652
Fax +27 (0) 41 922 6644
Mobile +27 (0)78 702 0146