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The word ‘Hinterveld’ is of German origin and literally means ‘The land behind’. It refers to the vast, dry and barren plains behind the Southern Cape escarpment of South Africa where the Angora goat, the source of Mohair, lives and thrives. The Stucken Group originally bought Pure Cape Textiles in 2010, ‘Hinterveld’ was born.

Hinterveld is a member of the Stucken Group that has been committed to the premium Wool and Mohair in South Africa since 1951. The Group is over 150 years old, is family owned and managed, with its roots in Bremen, Germany. The 4th generation moved to South Africa in 1950 as Wool traders and the Group has become vertically integrated in natural fibre value adding in South Africa ever since.

Home & Fashion Collection 2017 - Behind The Scenes

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Soft Home Goods

Blankets and Throws

  • The major part of the weaving mill is dedicated to ‘Private label’ orders and supplies customers from across the globe. Reasonable minimums apply.
  • The mill weaves fancy/loop yarn as well as straight yarn, for brushed mohair and flat woven products.

Fashion Accessories

Scarves, Shawls and Poncho’s

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Fashion Fabric

Bespoke fabric by the yard / metre


  • Weaving of fabric targeting the fashion industry, specifically the international brands with Haute Couture / High Fashion collections.
  • Traditionally schooled textile designers ensure the skill and creative process remains relevant, always considering international trends.
  • Fabric can be defined as ‘tweed’ using fancy yarns, giving a uniquely textured and ‘lively’ tweed look.
  • Hinterveld seeks to produce fabric on slow speed power looms, with a distinctly hand crafted appeal
  • Yarn development at the Group’s spinning division (next door) is vital for Hinterveld’s fabric inspirations.

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Contact Us

Address Hendrik van Eck Drive, Riverside Industria,
Uitenhage, 6229, South Africa
Postal Address

GPS Coordinates
PO Box 1162, Uitenhage,
6230, South Africa

33°45'39.7"S 25°22'23.1"E
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Sales Director: Daniel Stucken
Tel  +27 (0) 41 992 4880
Fax +27 (0) 41 992 2106
+27 (0) 72 170 7417

Hinterveld Showroom and Factory shop

Hinterveld factory shop in Uitenhage offers a variety of products for those who wish to visit the mill.